Use Learning Technology

Leveraging the use digital tools and technology, we can help you enhance teaching and learning in classrooms, blended classes, and fully online courses. We provide resources for designing curriculum, courses, and programs, applying innovative classroom and digitally mediated teaching practices, and effectively leveraging structured evaluation and feedback. Find out how our tools and platforms, programs and workshops can help you create engaging and accessible learning for your students.

students in a technology workshop

Instructional Design

Our interdisciplinary Design & Innovation team has broad experience bringing pedagogical principles into classrooms, blended classes, and fully online courses.  We collaborate with faculty throughout Stanford to spur innovation and develop new and effective digital learning content and activities delivered on campus, or to learners around the world. Learn More

Blended and Online Learning Design
This online resource guides you through online and blended course design. Learn how to create an engaging and inclusive learning environment, best present content online, develop solid assessments, and more. 

This learning management system helps you organize courses, stimulate student engagement and track, grade, and communicate student outcomes easily. Discover how Canvas can best support you and your students

Meet Online

We’ve got a host of services available to help you connect online and at a distance. From Web conferencing via Zoom, WebEx, Owl Labs camera system, to Virtual Office Hours applications, to robotic telepresence via Swivl, Double II, and Kubi.  Contact us to find out more.