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Undergraduate Research: Departmental Grant

VPUE Departmental Grants to Develop Undergraduate Research and Scholarship are intended to introduce Stanford undergraduates to ways of conducting scholarship in a particular field, and to promote student training in rigorous methods of inquiry, analysis, or creation appropriate to the academic discipline of interest.  Grants will fund programs that support student training and learning through participation in faculty-designed research, scholarly, and creative projects, and that promote the inclusion of students in intellectual communities with a primary emphasis on developing the skills that prepare faculty-mentored students to undertake more independent projects in the future.

In summary, students supported by this funding will develop their capacities as researchers, humanists, or artists through intellectual exploration, engagement with faculty, and immersion in a scholarly community.  Departmental Grants are for groups of faculty within a coordinating department, interdisciplinary program, or center, whereas Faculty Grants support individual faculty.

For more information, check the Research and Independent Projects Faculty page on the first day of class or contact Associate Dean Brian Thomas.

Who Can Apply

Undergraduate Research Grants

Contact Information:

Brian Thomas
(650) 723-0051


October 31

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