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Teaching with Technology Workshop

Teaching With Technology Workshop

The Teaching with Technology Workshop guides faculty and instructors through instructional design models that help them thoughtfully integrate digital tools, content, and pedagogies to address unique learning challenges or opportunities in their courses.

Dates / Time Commitment

The workshop events will take place as follows:

  • November 2018 - 4-hour kickoff workshop
  • Winter Quarter 2019 - One lunch meeting during which participants will share ideas and their progress.
  • Spring Quarter 2019 -Teaching with Technology Showcase. Final event where participants will share progress and insights from their projects. Presentations will be followed by a networking reception.

About the Workshop

During the workshop, participants will integrate technology and pedagogy to design engaging learning experiences for their own courses. Content of the workshops will include:

  • Models for thoughtfully integrating pedagogy and digital learning modalities
  • Examples of innovative use of online learning environments (e.g., flipped classes)
  • Professional support and resources to develop digital media and other learning content

Participants will spend approximately 20 hours before, during, and after the workshop to design, develop, implement, and evaluate their project. Finally, participants will be expected to participate in a group meeting during winter quarter and in the spring quarter they will share the results of their project in a form that can be disseminated to the larger Stanford community (e.g., presentation at VPTL’s Grant Showcase, video interview, blog post).

Workshop Objectives

After participating in the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Apply models of technology and pedagogy integration to a unique instructional challenge or opportunity.
  • Design, develop, and implement a learning solution incorporating learning technologies in their own course.
  • Share their solution, its implementation, and its strengths and challenges with fellow participants and the Stanford community.

Who Should Apply

Stanford faculty, instructors, and graduate student co-teachers who will be teaching at least one course during AY 2018-2019. The TwT workshop is also open to staff who manage education or learning platforms within their department or center, with faculty sponsorship. Interested applicants should be able to describe a course or specific learning module for which s/he would like to develop an online learning environment. Applicants are also expected to have departmental support for their involvement in the workshop. A total of up to 15 projects will be accepted into the program. We encourage both individual applicants and teaching teams to participate.

Modest Discretionary Funds Available

Participants who complete the workshop will be given $1250 in discretionary funding to recognize their efforts and support the continued development of their projects. Of this amount, $900 will be awarded upon completion of the workshop, with the remaining $350 awarded after results of the project have been shared during Spring Quarter 2019. Teaching teams that include a graduate student co-teacher or co-designer can receive an additional $250 in the form of a stipend to be awarded to this student upon completion of the workshop.


Check back soon as applications for the next TwT will be accepted in early fall.

For more information, please contact Andy Saltarelli and Alison Brauneis


This program is supported through funding from the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning.

[Image Credits (all CC BY 3.0 US): Drafting by Jacob Eckert, Power by Garrett Knoll, Share by Greg Beck.]