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Teaching with Technology Workshop

VPTL Teaching with Technology Workshop


The 2016 Teaching with Technology Workshop (TwT) provides faculty and instructors an opportunity to explore ways digital tools and pedagogies can be used to address unique learning challenges or goals in their courses. For example, participants might explore ways to: better integrate online and in-class activities in a large lecture course, provide online just-in-time resources for struggling students, use classroom response systems to surface and address common misconceptions, design online assessments that can provide targeted feedback, provide their students a digital space to reflect and develop an online identity, or address other instructional challenges. Workshop attendees will also attend the Academic Technology Expo (ATXpo), which is a one-day event where they will be able to explore innovative instructional technology applications developed by Stanford instructors and other faculty from Bay Area institutions.

The TwT Workshop is open to Stanford faculty and instructors from all academic disciplines, either individually or as part of a teaching team that may also include graduate student co-teacher or co-designer. It is facilitated by the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL) and will give participants opportunities to collaborate with VPTL staff with expertise in pedagogy, online course platforms, digital learning tools, and classroom environments. The TwT Workshop will consist of two 2-hour meetings during Fall Quarter 2016, the ATXpo on October 3rd, and then a project showcase and reception during Spring Quarter 2017. Additional time investment outside of these meetings will be required by the participants to complete the design of their learning solution and implement it in their own courses. An application is required. 

2016 Workshop

The workshop events will take place as follows:
  • Day 1 - Identify & Define (2-hour workshop): to be scheduled during the weeks of September 19th or 26th
  • Day 2 - Explore at ATXpo (4-hour event): Monday, October 3rd
  • Day 3 - Design & Develop (2-hour workshop): to be scheduled during the weeks of October 3rd or 10th
  • Day 4 - Share & Celebrate (1.5-hour event): to be scheduled during Spring Quarter 2017


During the workshop, participants will learn to match specific pedagogical challenges or opportunities with capabilities of various digital technologies to design new learning experiences in their courses. In addition, participants will attend the ATXpo to learn about different examples and uses of digital learning technologies in the classroom. Content of the workshops will include: models for thoughtfully integrating pedagogy and technology, examples of innovative use of digital learning tools and environments, and professional support and resources to develop digital media and other learning content. 


After participating in the workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Apply models of technology and pedagogy integration to a unique instructional challenge or opportunity. 
  • Design, develop, and implement a learning solution incorporating technologies in their own course.
  • Share their solution, its implementation, and its strengths and challenges with fellow participants and the Stanford community.

Time Commitment

Participants will spend approximately 10 hours during the two workshop sessions, ATXpo, and project showcase. In addition, each participant can expect to invest 10-15 additional hours of preparation and development time before and after the workshops to design, develop and implement their project. Finally, participants will be expected to share the results of their project in a form that can be disseminated to the larger Stanford community (e.g., blog post, video).

Who should apply

Stanford faculty, instructors, and graduate student co-teachers who will be teaching at least one course during AY 2016-2017. Interested applicants should be able to describe a unique instructional challenge to address and/or new pedagogical opportunity to explore in their own course(s). Applicants are also expected to have departmental support for their involvement in the workshop. A total of up to 10 projects will be accepted into the program. We encourage both individual applicants and teaching teams to apply.

To Apply

Interested applicants should identify a specific teaching and learning challenge for which s/he would like to design a solution incorporating digital learning technology and complete the brief application form. If a faculty or instructor is applying to work as a teaching team with a graduate student as a co-teacher or co-designer, please describe how the student will contribute to the project, and how it will help further her or his professional development.  The 2016 Application Deadline has passed. Accepted proposals announced soon.
For more information, please contact Andy Saltarelli:
Each participant will receive $2500 in discretionary funds in recognition of the significant time investment during the workshop and commitment to implement a solution as well as sharing the results at the final reception. Of this amount, $1800 will be awarded upon completing the first three days, with the remaining $700 awarded after results of the projects have been shared during Spring Quarter 2017. Teaching teams that include a graduate student co-teacher or co-designer can receive an additional $750 in the form of a stipend to be awarded to this student upon completion of the first three days of the workshop. 
This program is supported through funding from the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning.
[Image Credits (all CC BY 3.0 US): Crosshair by Veronika Krpciarova, Compass by Jardson Almeida, Drafting by Jacob Eckert, Power by Garrett Knoll, Share by Greg Beck.]