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Set Teaching Goals

Before the quarter gets started, meet with your TA to establish some teaching goals.

Set goals centered on 7 key areas:

  •     Content
  •     Motivation
  •     Organization
  •     Presentation/delivery
  •     TA-student interactions
  •     Classroom environment
  •     Instructional materials, use of media

Discuss the following questions with your TA:

1. What concerns does the TA have?  In what areas would they like to improve?
2. What are a few goals that would address these concerns?  Stick to one or two major goals so that the TA can focus on specific changes that are realistic and relevant to the TA’s level of development.
3. What are potential roadblocks to these goals?  
4. What’s the plan of action for accomplishing these goals? How can you help the TA overcome any roadblocks you have identified? 
5. What resources are available in the department, at CTL, in the literature, etc.?