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Midterm Online Feedback Surveys

Get teaching feedback mid-quarter

Set up your survey to send to your students during weeks 4-6 of the quarter, starting from a template we provide. We'll activate it and give you its URL to share with your students.

After it's closed, we'll send you a confidential report of the anonymous results. And, if you'd like, we can connect you with a consultant in your disciplinary area who can help you interpret your results and put them into action.

In-person vs. online feedback

How should you decide to have an SGFS vs. an online survey? Having a consultant come to your class to run an SGFS yields better feedback, but takes 20 minutes of class time. In contrast, this online survey saves class time, but can have a very low response rate unless you give students a little class time to start it.

More details are below, but to get started, press this button:

Create my Online Survey

Students meeting online

  • You'll be able to select either our short template, with just  a few open-ended questions, or our long template, which has 13 questions, mostly numerical ratings. Preview what the short mid-term template and long mid-term template look like to students.
  • Please allow 3 business days between your request and the day you want the survey to open.
  • Teaching two sections? Feel free to request a survey for each one.
  • After you set up your survey, a VPTL administrator will approve it and email you the unique survey URL to share with your students.
  • To get more responses to your online survey, tell them explicitly how important their feedback is to you and give them five to ten minutes of class time to start it.
  • You must receive at least 5 responses to get a report. If you don't have that many students, an SGFS is a better choice.

End-term option

If you're not already being evaluated by the Registrar's online evaluation system, you can use this online form to create your own end-term evaluation. Just be sure to set the dates to correspond to those of the Registrar's evaluations. You can use templates with the same questions as the Registrar's system for the equivalent evaluation, TA or instructor. See the templates here:

To use them, select "Endquarter" when you create your survey.

Create my Online Survey


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