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General use classrooms at Stanford come in a number of different configurations, most including a flexible audio visual capability. Typically this will include a SmartPanel AV control system, a projector and a pull-down or automatic screen; in some cases, flat screen displays are provided for their enhanced image quality.

We provide a limited number of classrooms with advanced capabilities to support enhanced projection or display, active learning, collaboration and/or group work. To learn more, please visit the Advanced Resource Classrooms page.

In general, Stanford classrooms come in a few overlapping configurations:

  • Auditoria: capacity of 88 people or more, raked floor, fixed seating
  • Case Study: 40 or more, horseshoe-shaped fixed class seating and tables
  • Flex with SmartPanel: 15 or more, flexible seating and tables, flat floor
  • Lecture with SmartPanel: 40 or more, fixed seating
  • Seminar with SmartPanel: 10 or more, flexible seating around a fixed table

Rooms for scheduled classes are generally arranged with department administrators. As an alternative, members of the university community can request spaces for one-off or recurring events using the 25Live Scheduling System. Training and tips for using this system are available on the 25Live Tutorials page.


Classroom Support

Support for Stanford classrooms is available by calling (650)723-7280. This number rings on several technicians’ phones; if you reach a message system, that means all of the technicians are currently helping someone. Please leave a message, which will be forwarded to all the technicians’ phones, specifying your location and the problem you are experiencing; we are usually able to get someone there to help within a few minutes.

You can also email a request for support to

Read our Classroom Policy

In classrooms with movable furniture, we encourage instructors and students to arrange the room to best suit teaching and learning activities. As a courtesy to other classes, we ask that you return the classroom to its normal or default configuration before leaving.

Stanford classrooms are not equipped with a cable for connecting to the display system: instructors wishing to use their laptops in the classroom must bring their own cable and whatever adapters their computer might need.

If you have any questions about these or other classroom issues, please contact Bob Smith.