Teaching Advancement Grants

The Teaching Advancement Grants are offered by VPTL quarterly and are up to $2500. They are available to Stanford faculty, lecturers, students, instructional teams, and departments. These one-time grants are meant to fund projects that serve as springboards for the exploration, design, and implementation of new or improved pedagogical approaches in courses and educational programs that support learning for Stanford students.

How Funds Can Be Used

Pedagogical development for Stanford students: Enhance teaching development for graduate or undergraduate students, including stipends for students to co-plan courses, develop pedagogy courses, and support research or evaluation of teaching practices.  

Support for course resources: Opportunities for faculty, lecturers and departments/programs to enhance student learning through the integration of instructional technology, equipment, software, and other materials. Modest requests for such items should be accompanied by cost-sharing with a department and plan for long-term maintenance.  

Attend a teaching and learning-focused conference: Share pedagogical innovations that Stanford has launched and learn from a larger educational community about pedagogical innovations that may be relevant to the Stanford community. Priority will be given to applicants presenting about teaching and learning at the conference.  

Bring pedagogy experts to campus: to provide training and guidance for our instructors and students in teaching and learning in their field or in general.

Who Can Apply?

Departments, Faculty Teams, Graduate Students, Individual Faculty & Lecturers

Teaching and Mentoring Contact Information:

Diane Lam
(650) 498-1008


Applications are reviewed each quarter and decisions are generally made within two weeks. Deadlines are usually at the beginning of week 8.

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