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Become a Subject Tutor

Apply now! Applications reopened for the following subjects. Deadline September 1.

  • CME
  • Computer Science
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Statistics

Apply to be a Subject Tutor

About Subject Tutors

VPTL subject tutors are trained Stanford undergraduates and coterms, experienced in the subject area, who coach students so that they can succeed on their own after the session. Tutors can provide help in drop-in sessions or 1:1 appointments.

Appointment Tutors are undergraduates and coterms who provide individual tutoring in one or more of the following courses: Biology, Chemistry, CME, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Human Biology, Math, Physics, and/or Statistics.

Drop-in Tutors are undergraduates and coterms who work in teams to provide drop-in tutoring for selected courses in Organic Chemistry, Math, and/or Physics.

(If you want to tutor foreign languages, please visit Become a Language Conversation Partner.)

Recruitment Timeline for 2017-18 Subject Tutors

  • Monday, May 8 - Friday, May 26: Subject tutor individual interviews

  • Thursday, June 1:  Subject tutor job offers go out

  • Monday, June 5: at 4:00 p.m.:  Subject tutor hiring paperwork due--if you miss this deadline, your offer will be rescinded

What You’ll Do

All new Subject Tutors in 2017-18 must attend a mandatory training day on Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017, 10 a.m. to 4  p.m.  Also, new Subject Tutors must enroll in and attend VPTL 120: Peer Tutor Training for 1 unit during Autumn Quarter.

All tutors attend quarterly tutor meetings as scheduled by the Associate Director, team meetings every two or three weeks as scheduled by the team Lead Tutors, and individual meetings as needed with Lead Tutors and/or the Associate Director.

Tutoring takes place each quarter from the first Sunday after classes begin until the last day of classes (Weeks 2 through 10).

Appointment Tutors post at least five hours of availability each week, beginning in Autumn. Tutors are able to list times based on their class schedule.

Drop-in Tutors work at least two two-hour shifts per week, beginning in Autumn. Tutoring takes place in the evenings, Sunday through Thursday, and for some subjects on Sunday afternoons. Tutors also provide group support for selected courses by hosting practice exams and review sessions.

Read the 2017-18 Job Agreement [PDF].

What You’ll Get

  • Professional development: Become a responsible, responsive, resourceful employee.
  • Membership in an respected, supportive team: Subject tutors meet several times a quarter with their subject tutor team to discuss course content, what students are doing, and how best to help them based on best tutoring practices.
  • Leadership opportunities: Some experienced tutors can become Lead Tutors, who organize their subject team and lead team meetings.
  • Competitive pay: Starting pay for undergrad tutors in 2017-18 will be $17.00 per hour; for grad student tutors, $28.00 per hour. Continuting tutors and LCPs make an additional $1 per year (3 full quarters) of service.


  • Be a matriculated Stanford undergraduate or coterm student at the time of application. Incoming students aren't eligible to apply.
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA overall, and a minimum grade of A- in the courses you want to tutor
  • Strong commitment to helping peers learn
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills, time management, and have an attention to detail
  • Tutors must have earned at least an A- in each course they wish to tutor. In some cases, tutors may be approved to tutor a course if they have taken identical coursework elsewhere and have taken a higher level course at Stanford.

You'll need to submit: