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Liaisons, Consultants, and MinT Programs

Female TA teaching in front of class

You’ve already served as a TA, and now you want to do more teaching and take your skills to the next level. VPTL has three programs to support you.

VPTL Liaisons Program

VPTL Liaisons foster two-way communication between VPTL and their home departments by promoting VPTL programs and resources, working with VPTL to customize teaching services, and supporting an energetic exchange of ideas.

Liaisons attend a quarterly VPTL lunch and receive a modest stipend for their service.

Learn more about becoming a VPTL Liaison

Nominations for the liaison position come from the individual department, so contact your department chair or faculty/staff TA coordinator if you are interested in being considered for this role.

VPTL MinT (Mentors in Teaching) Program

VPTL’s MinT Program trains experienced TAs to become department-based Teaching Mentors. After training, they support their departments’ TAs in specific courses, implement activities for the TAs to improve their teaching skills, provide feedback to departments about what TAs need to be effective in their duties, and act as a resource on teaching in general.

Learn more about becoming a Teaching Mentor

If you or your department would like to establish a Teaching Mentor position, please contact the MinT Coordinator.

VPTL Consultants Program

VPTL Consultants are highly experienced TAs selected on the basis of outstanding teaching evaluations and interpersonal skills. After training, these graduate students provide peers in many departments with such VPTL services as one-on-one teaching consultation, mid-quarter student evaluations, and classroom observation/analysis.

After a competitive selection process, consultants receive training in effective mentoring strategies, along with a modest financial award.

Meet our 2016-17 consultants

Learn more about becoming a VPTL Consultant

If you are interested in applying to be a consultant for the next academic year, read more at Become a VPTL Consultant.