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Introduction to Being a TA

VPTL’s Role 

VPTL works collaboratively with faculty and departments to design, implement, assist with, and evaluate programs that prepare new TAs for their teaching roles and support all TAs as they carry out their teaching responsibilities. 

Department’s Role 

Each department and program oversees the selection and hiring of its TAs, and is also responsible for ensuring that their TAs fulfill any screening and training requirements based on the following policies:

TA Policies 

Several policies govern the hiring and selection of TAs at Stanford University:

Faculty Senate Guidelines: In March of 2000, the Faculty Senate TA Oversight Committee issued Guidelines for Departmental/Program TA Training. The guidelines require departments and programs to implement and maintain an orientation, supervision, feedback, and teaching development program for TAs and to designate an Academic Council faculty member to oversee the TA training program. For examples of TA training programs from across the university, visit Developing Your TA Training Program. 

Sexual Harassment Training: Stanford requires all graduate teaching assistants, course assistants, and other academic staff to complete training that addresses sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. Visit the Sexual Harassment Policy Office for more information about this requirement and to complete the training. 

English Requirement: International graduate students who plan to serve as teaching assistants or course assistants are required to complete a screening exam through the English for Foreign Students Program

Additional Policy Matters: The Stanford Administrative Guide summarizes the regulations regarding Graduate Student Assistantship appointments at Stanford, including eligibility criteria, types of teaching assistantships, and other policy matters. 

GAP Handbook: read the Graduate Academic Policy (GAP) Handbook from VPGE for lots of important information.