Designing Your Career

John Armstrong, a lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering–Design program, and Ben Bowman, a GSE graduate student, partnered during the TwT workshop to develop a short online module focused on how to successfully design your career. They had previously worked with VPTL to create a series of animated career videos, and their participation in the TwT workshop enabled them to successfully develop an online learning experience on the Open edX online course platform for Stanford students and the general public. The module is based off of content in the on-campus courses: Designing Your Stanford and Designing Your Life, offered together with other course instructors Dave Evans and Bill Burnett. During the workshop, they interviewed users to increase their understanding of how to frame the videos in the most useful way to target specific audiences and developed assessments and reflection exercises to accompany the videos in the online learning platform. The workshop enabled them to work in a structured way with VPTL staff to obtain concrete feedback on matching learning goals to the courses they were creating, created the opportunity to work with other colleagues on campus, and helped to achieve a balance between flexibility and creative autonomy within a workshop structure with guidance and support from VPTL. Their course is now available to the public: