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Digging Deeper

The Digging Deeper courses open up the fascinating world of medieval manuscripts. Led by Professor Elaine Treharne, the course team at Stanford and Cambridge universities drew together expertise and texts from both institutions to create a unique introduction to the field of study. In a key innovation for online courses, the Lagunita platform was customized to allow for hands-on practice in paleography. The first Digging Deeper course, Making Manuscripts, gave an overview of the field; the second course, Form and Function of Manuscripts, delved into such fields as musicology, Eastern manuscripts, library curation, and digitization. These courses have now been integrated into an on-campus offering, Reviewing Manuscript Evidence, which will also be offered publicly.  A new course, Medieval Handwriting, will teach the paleographic skills necessary for expert analysis of medieval texts.


Digging Deeper    Elaine Treharne

Guide Letter    Elaine Treharne