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The Resilience Project

THE RESILIENCE PROJECT combines personal storytelling, events, programs, and academic skills coaching to motivate and support students as they experience the setbacks that are a normal part of a rigorous education. We help students learn from failure and hope to instill a sense of belonging and bravery. Our goal is to help change the perception of failure from something to be avoided at all costs, to something that has meaning, purpose, and value.

If you would like to talk with us about rejection, failure, setbacks, or definitions of success, please contact Adina Glickman, director of The Resilience Project at

Stories of Resilience

Title screen that reads "I didn't"
The Resilience Project Phoenix icon
Picture of Abby Belani.
Picture of Chasity
Photo of Dan Klein
Picture of Elisa Lupin-Jimenez
Picture of Foster Langsdorf
Picture of Hannah Broderick
Picture of Hannah Levy
Picture of John Schiavone
Julie Lythcott Haims
Picture of Kevin Rustagi
Picture of Kyle Robinson
Mehran Sahami
Mehran Sahami
Mehran Sahami
Picture of dancers performing
Tim Westergren
Raise Your Hand
Rebecca Wing
Rebekah Morreale
Sam Wineburg
Sandra Day O'Connor
Sebastian Gould
Picture of Skylar Cohen
Picture of Skylar Cohen
The Resilience Project Phoenix icon
Stanford I Screwed Up!
Stefan Nastic
Picture of Allie sitting on the beach
What Students are Saying about The Resilience Project
Picture of Yafeng Wang
Picture of Yongjian Si
Eleanor Collier
The Worst Grade
Stanford,I Screwed Up
Denise Pope
Marcus Howard
ALlison Okamura
Tobias Wolf
Jack Bowen
Greg Boardman
Cathy Lesjak
Daphne Koller
Carl Djerassi: On Embracing Disappointment
Abraham Verghese
Tenzin Seldon
Harry Elam
Lena Sweeney
ustice Goodwin Liu
Marta Zanchi
Steven Breyer
Lori S. White
Richard Zare
President Hennessey
Ted Hoff