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Questions on the Teaching Evaluation Form

As of Winter 2016-17, the question bank portion of the teaching evaluation form has been expanded. When selecting questions, look for questions that reflect your teaching situation or approaches. These can give you the best potential feedback.

Note: the name of the instructor being evaluated will appear above each question.



Answer Set

In what way did you interact with this instructor most?

Select: section meetings, lab, office hours, via a class website, via email, other

During the quarter, about how many hours on average per week did you interact with this instructor in section, class, lab, office hours, and other meetings?

Enter number of hours

How much did you learn from this instructor

A great deal, a lot, a moderate amount, a little, nothing

Overall, how effective was the instruction you received from this instructor?

Extremely effective, very effective, moderately effective, slightly effective, not effective at all


What skills or knowledge did you learn or improve from this instructor?

Free response text box

Choose up to three of the following closed-ended questions for inclusion:

How prepared was this instructor for section meetings?

How clearly did this instructor present material?

How much did this instructor help you develop thinking skills?

How helpful to you were this instructor’s comments on assignments?

How appropriate to your level of understanding were this instructor’s explanations?

How effective was this instructor in leading discussion sections?

How effective was this instructor in leading labs?

How effective was this instructor in leading office hours?

How clearly did this instructor answer questions?

How often was this instructor available for consultation outside of class?

How engaging was this instructor in section meetings?

How clear were the criteria for this instructor's grading?

How effective was this instructor in creating a supportive environment for learning?

Was the pace of teaching by this instructor faster or slower than it should have been, or about right?

How effective was this instructor in providing guidance on assignments?

How effective was this instructor's section in helping you deepen your understanding of the course material?

How well organized were this instructor's section meetings?

How well did this instructor explain his or her expectations for you?

How well did this instructor encourage questions?

How effective was this instructor in facilitating discussions?

How approachable was this instructor for you?

How useful were the assignments from this instructor for your learning in the course?

How well did this instructor connect section activities to the goals of the course?

Five-point answer set based on the question; for example, Extremely prepared, very prepared, moderately prepared, slightly prepared, not prepared at all

Optional open-ended question:

Which type of interaction with this instructor was most useful for you?

Free response text box

What aspects of this instructor’s teaching were most helpful to you?

3 free response textboxes

How can this instructor’s teaching be improved?

3 free response textboxes

Instructor-posed free response question

Free response text box