How can we develop and teach a VR course in congenital heart disease?

The VPTL Teaching with Technology (TwT) workshop enabled David Axelrod, a pediatric cardiologist, and David Sarno, the founder of Lighthaus, Inc., to begin to build a blended learning platform designed to both train students and physicians as well as teach patients and family members about congenital heart defects. Their main goal was to build a virtual reality (VR) experience to increase their learner’s understanding of the heart defects in three dimensions. Developing VR content combined with online learning opportunities in the Open edX platform directly addresses their main challenge of needing to teach relational anatomy, where certain parts of the heart are in relation to other parts, which is very difficult in two dimensions. The TwT workshop helped them to brainstorm ideas, activities, and assessments to start building a learning environment framework around this great VR learning resource to teach students and be the basis for VR-enhanced learning in the future.