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  • Stanford Online

    Stanford Online launches courses on edX

    - Stanford Online is increasing access to more credential-bearing opportunities for learners around the world by making our robust catalog of courses and open content available through a variety of online learning platforms.…

  • VPTL

    Life by Design

    - If you could prototype your life’s plan even before starting your career, how would it change what you do? Might you be happier and more successful?…

  • VPTL

    Stanford Classrooms: one size does not fit all

    - It’s 10:30am on a typical Tuesday morning at Stanford. All across campus, students pour into classrooms, having successfully navigated the maze of bicyclists and pedestrians along the way. Faculty and instructors prepare to introduce the day’s…

  • Center for Professional Development

    Stanford Certificate Program Honors Online Learners

    - Thirty-five working professionals were honored last month with professional education certificates from the Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SI&E) program. Academic Directors Bob Sutton (management science and engineering) and Huggy…

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