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  • Center for Professional Development

    Enriching General Education in the UAE

    - As part of an important national innovation strategy, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) launched a large initiative to develop innovation talent across the nation’s 79 degree-granting institutions. The Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of…

  • Center for Professional Development

    New Online Courses Benefit Students and Departments

    - This summer, incoming master’s students in three departments will be able to take online courses prior to arriving on campus in the fall. Taking any of these introductory courses will allow students advantages when they begin their residential…

  • Center for Teaching and Learning

    Redesigning science learning spaces

    - When Stanford’s Sapp Center for Science Teaching and Learning opened this academic year, the instructional spaces unveiled the Department of Chemistry’s thoughtful planning and promotion of active learning. VPTL assisted faculty by providing…

  • Center for Teaching and Learning

    Earlier lab experiences for budding scientists and doctors

    - To foster first-year student interest in biology and to respond to increasing student interest in hands-on learning experiences, biology faculty Martha Cyert, Hunter Fraser, Deborah Gordon, Waheeda Khalfan, Christopher Lowe, Mary Beth Mudgett,…

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