Mission & Values


To support students, faculty, instructors, schools, departments, and the broader Stanford community in advancing Stanford educational experiences for undergraduate, graduate, professional, and lifelong learners.



  • We’re here for you - With empathy, humility, and passion through our professional capacities, we serve and support our faculty & instructors, learners, and each other to achieve excellence.
  • The relationship comes first, always - Strong connections and deep relationships are the foundations for building successful and long-lasting partnerships with our faculty, instructors, and learners.
  • We do the right thing, and do it well - We dedicate our individual and collective skills, talents, and experience to doing excellent work and living up to the high standards of our faculty, instructors, and learners.
  • What makes us different, makes us stronger - We strive for diversity of thought, experience, and perspective in all things so that our teams and partnerships are constantly learning, more innovative, and solution-oriented.