Lagunita (Open edX) Support

Lagunita is an open-source learning platform. It is supported by the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning  as part of its commitment to advance creative teaching and learning initiatives and data-driven educational research.

Lagunita offers Stanford faculty and instructors the flexibility to develop new courses and learning modules that can transform the classroom experience of learners. The platform has been used to support more than 200 courses and modules for Stanford’s residential students, as well as for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that have been made available to the public at a global scale. It is Stanford’s most frequently used platform for online learning efforts.

VPTL engineers have customized the platform for Stanford use and have added features to the code base that other universities and educational providers can use to support their own online learning initiatives.

Some of these features include:

  • Integration with Stanford's WebAuth system for registered student use - supports single-sign-on with other Stanford services
  • Easy access to class videos, announcements, problem sets, and other files
  • Videos hosted on YouTube or elsewhere
  • Searchable captions used as a skimmable index into the video
  • Course content created with mixable types of components and organized into lessons, so any page can contain any combination of types of content
  • Problem set support for different response types including: multiple choice, numeric, math expressions, drag-and-drop, and many others
  • Support for interfacing with external systems such as Qualtrics for surveys in ways that preserve user data
  • Course wiki for student-generated content
  • Discussion forums, both for standalone and those integrated into the course (e. g. a sub-forum for discussion of a particular video or problem set can be embedded on a page)
  • Interfacing to external graders (e. g. for grading programming assignments)
  • Self and peer assessments

To receive announcements about the platform or to  request a platform demo, contact our Course Operations team.

Additional Information

If you would like general information about the open source platform, please see or join the mailing list hosted on Google Groups. 

If you're on the Stanford University campus and are interested in Lagunita, join the email list for instructors