Program Leader, Student Technology

Program Leaders work with the full-time Management team in Student Technology to continuously maintain and improve the program. To do so, Program Leaders meet regularly with the Managers, generating new ideas or executing collaborative strategies to help student staff more optimally fulfill their mission. In addition, Program Leaders check-in from time to time with Student Leaders, who lead teams of roughly a dozen student staff, to ensure that everything is going well day-to-day. The Program Leaders are also reasonably available to help inexperienced Student Leaders resolve unfamiliar issues or conflicts when asked.

Specifically, the Program Leaders will spend their working hours by:

  • Regularly meeting with the Student Technology Managers
  • Setting and maintaining the culture of the Student Technology community
  • Communicating with external partners on ad hoc projects, e.g. phishing training
  • Planning upcoming staff events, training, and technology education opportunities
  • Coordinating student-led courses, e.g. CS1C, CS2C, 196
  • Acting as an informational resource to newer Student Leaders who have questions, via Slack, etc.
  • Monitoring the performance of student staff via Zendesk (but not as often as Student Leaders do)

Occasionally, Program Leaders may also:

  • Collaborate with senior VPTL staff, strategizing solutions to confidential problems that would affect the Student Technology programs
  • Interview student staff directly to seek feedback about the program
  • Plan events for student staff to share knowledge and strengthen the community
  • Represent student staff on an official level to the university and to senior staff in VPTL

Program Leaders are expected to work between 4 and 8 hours per week. Typically, Program Leaders stay in the position for twelve months, but they can stay longer if so desired.

Minimum Qualifications: 

Student leaders must be juniors, seniors, or graduate students.

Duration:  Academic Year

Contact Email:

Hours:  4-8