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Inserting an Image into your Web Page



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Using the Featured Image tool

Some content types support a "Featured Image." You can expand the "Add/Edit Image" field set. You can then use Choose File, and Upload to get the image you want added. 

You may only have one featured image per page.

 This image will be used in listings (such as lists of blog posts) and will be displayed  on the page thusly

:Featured Image example

Inserting Images into the Body 

  1. Always start with a blank line
  2. While editing your main page body text,  go down and select  Image Insert.
  3. Choose a file from your computer (use the Choose File button) and then click "Upload"
  4. You will then need to pick which size you want to insert
  5. Remember to give your image Alternate text for accessibility
  6. Then click "Insert".
After you have an image, you can use the Styles menu to left or right align your image. This will cause the text to wrap around your image.
If the size you selected isn't working for you, you can always delete the image in the body of your text, choose a new size, and click "Insert" again.

Image rights

You must have permissions to use the image you upload to the site.