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Adding to the VPTL Video Library



Need help? Email or use the links on the right to access related help pages.

What do I need to prepare?

Before you add a new video, make sure you have:

  • Uploaded the video to Vimeo or YouTube
  • The Video Embed code from Vimeo or YouTube. You will want to set the video to the custom size of: 870 x 489
  • A still that represents the video ( a screengrab from the video works well here.)

Adding a Video

To add a new video, you will use the content type "VPTL Media."  To get started, click here.

You will be asked for a Title, Description, Representative Image, and an Embed link

Optionally you may also want to tag who is in the video, where it happened, the date, etc.

The Video categories will determine where in the Library the Video will appear

Editing an Existing  Video

To change an existing video, go here.

Click on the video you wish to edit. Once on the video page, click the "edit" tab.

Remember to Save!

To Remove an Existing Video

Send email to or and we will unpublish your video. Once unpublished, it can be re-activated again if needed.