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Adding PDFs to your Web Page



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Where Files Go

PDFs and other downloads (Excel files, etc.) should be uploaded to the VPTL Website storage space at The URL for this is:

Once you have uploaded your information to, you’ll need to adjust a few settings before you can put the link to the PDF on a web page.

How To get your File to Box

  • Drag and drop the PDF into the folder. Once you have done that, you will need to adjust your sharing settings:
  • Click the “Shared” button next to the PDF filename.
  • Click on the gear icon in right corner of the resulting dialog. This will take you to advanced settings.
  • Create a custom URL if desired
  • Make sure the sharing settings are set to: "People with the Link" or "People in your company."
  • Find and copy the direct link for the PDF at the bottom of the settings. This is what you should use to link text or a button to your PDF.

Other Considerations

One thing to ask yourself before putting up ANY download is "can this be turned into a web page?" PDF files and other downloads aren't as accessible or searchable as  web pages. They are also not as mobile-friendly. Consider if there is a reason a user needs your content as a "file," (for example so that they can fill out a spreadsheet or print a form.)