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Great Teaching Showcase Participants


Stanford’s Great Teaching Showcase

Opening Celebration for the Year of Learning

Friday, October 2, 2015, 5-8pm, in Lathrop Library

(Tech Lounge, Bishop Auditorium, and outside terrace) 


  • 5:00-5:45pm and 6:45-8:00pmGallery Walk of teaching ideas, projects, practices from all seven Stanford schools in the Tech Lounge and hallway outside Bishop Auditorium:  (two identical iterations)

  • 5:45-6:30pm: “Faces of Teaching” speeches in Bishop Auditorium

  • Reception starts at 6:30pm

Preparation committee: 

Petra Dierkes-Thrun (chair), Mariatte Denman, Andy Saltarelli (selection committee), Carrie Petersen and Lucy LaPier (event logistics leads), Rich Holeton, Beth McCullough, Brian Medernach, Arik Broman and Germaine Brown (space planning), Judith Romero (communications), Cathleen Grado (graphic design), Brent Izutsu and Wes Choy (video production)

Gallery Walk Participants:

School of Engineering

Lisa Hwang and Elizabeth Sattely, Chemical Engineering
“Building Critical Thinking Skills in Chemical Engineering: Moving from a Traditional Instructional Laboratory to an Experimental Research Experience”
Keith Schwarz, Computer Science
“Designing Inclusive Engineering Courses”
“Room to Run: Open-Ended and Flexible Undergraduate Capstone Experiences”

Graduate School of Education

Peter Williamson, Judy Hicks-Paulick, and Shayna Sullivan, STEP Secondary program
“Knowing Whom We Teach: Signature Assignments of the Stanford Teacher Education Program”
Dan Schwartz and Benjamin Shear, Developmental and Psychological Sciences Program
“Experience, Explain, and Expand: Re-Flipping the Learning Cycle (in a Statistics Class)”

School of Law

“Comparative Equality Law”
“Old Light Through New Windows: Locating New Teaching Utilities in Other Disciplines”

School of Humanities and Sciences

“Graduate Student Pedagogy with WISE: Writing Intensive Seminars in English”
Steven Block, Biology and Applied Physics
“Developing ‘Dorm Science’: Hands-On Experience for Freshmen”
John D. Fox and Ted Geballe, Applied Physics
“A Hands-On Car Show for the ‘Energy Choices’ Freshman Seminar”
“A Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) in an Introductory Molecular Biology Laboratory Class: Investigating the Functional Defects of Human p53 Mutations in a Yeast Model System”
Marília Librandi-Rocha, Iberian and Latin American Cultures (DLCL)
“Gifts to Balangadã: Afro-Brazilian Culture Performed by Stanford Students”
Alice Miano, Spanish (Language Center)
“iPads in the Spanish I Classroom: Learning Language and Technology Together”
Bissera Pentcheva, Art and Art History
“Looking at The Overlooked”
“Leveling the Playing Field in Large Lecture Courses”

School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences

Tiziana Vanorio, Geophysics (Stanford Rock Physics Laboratory)
"A Visualized and Interactive Rock Physics Laboratory”

Graduate School of Business

“Online Collaborative Learning for Executives”

School of Medicine

Michael Federle, Radiology
“RADPrimer: A Comprehensive Web-Based Curriculum and Self-Testing Program for Diagnostic Radiology”
Joseph Garner, Comparative Medicine
“100% Flipped: Student-Centered, Multi-Modality, Real-Time-Online Learning”
James Lau, Surgery (The Goodman Surgical Education Center)
“Addressing the Educational Environment in the Surgery Medical Student Clerkship Upfront and Personal”
Pedro Tanaka, Anesthesiology
“Impact of an Innovative Classroom-Based Lecture Series on Residents’ Evaluations of an Anesthesiology Rotation”

“Faces of Teaching” Storytelling Participants :

Short, inspirational stories about being or becoming a teacher