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Developing the New Biology Intro Curriculum

School of Humanities and Sciences

The Biology Department aims to develop and implement a new set of introductory “On Ramp” courses that will actively engage beginning students with the excitement of modern biology and develop the critical thinking, analysis, reading and communication skills required for the major. These courses will establish a new core curriculum for our majors, together with Bio 44X and 44Y, two required introductory level laboratory courses, which were recently revised to emphasize development of critical thinking and data analysis skills. These courses will replace the current “Bio Core” lecture courses, BIO 41, 42 and 43, and, in contrast to those courses will have no pre-requisites, making it possible for freshmen to begin to explore the Biology major. The Department has assembled a team of its leading faculty to develop and teach these introductory courses and proposes to offer the first of the courses in Spring quarter 2017, initially in pilot form that will allow assessment of outcomes with the concurrent existing Bio Core.

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