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Colloquia & Workshops

VPTL co-defines and facilitates a range of collaborative initiatives and programs. In addressing specific goals—such as disseminating inclusive teaching and learning strategies or helping lead a faculty initiative for collaborative and interdisciplinary teaching in the arts—VPTL partners with schools and academic support units to engage students, faculty, and staff in events, workshops, and ongoing activities. In meaningful ways, engaging the campus community to come together and devise collaborative solutions is a natural role for VPTL – these are also teaching and learning components of the modern classroom.

VPTL has worked to inspire discourse and inquiry toward the future of higher education by inviting Stanford faculty to play a leading role in the broader U.S. and international higher education conversation. In 2016, for example, VPTL staff and the Year of Learning faculty steering committee hosted a Learning Summit featuring California Governor Jerry Brown, former Undersecretary for Higher Education Ted Mitchell and many others, hosted the Open edX Forum, Ivy+ meetings and other events on campus, participated in appropriate professional organizations, and produced online resources used broadly at other institutions for both campus pedagogy and digital learning design.

In winter-spring 2017, VPTL hosted a series of events to invite input into our long range strategy so that it reflects the interests and values of faculty, students and deans. We will continue to engage the campus community in the collaborative transformation of learning at Stanford — and beyond.