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Stanford's Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations

Welcome to the home of Stanford's course evaluations

Check the Course Evaluations Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for updates and tips on handling common issues.

Stanford's end-term course evaluations, introduced in Autumn Quarter 2015-16, are designed to:

  • Focus on learning
  • Increase student self-reflection
  • Provide instructors and departments with useful data
  • Be customized and relevant to each course
  • Support broad Stanford priorities: using feedback to improve student learning, courses, and programs, and using analytics to address critical questions

The new forms are shorter and easier to fill out. Answers to one question, "What would you like to say about this course to a student who is considering taking it in the future?”, are released to Stanford students to enable them to share their experiences.

Read more about using student feedback to improve learning in our Teaching for Student Learning resource (PDF, 773 KB).


Quick links

Visit these resources to learn about writing learning goals, customizing your course evaluation, and interpreting your results: