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Helpful Diversity and Inclusion Resources Off-Campus

Off Campus Resources

As a faculty or graduate student instructor at UC Berkeley, there are many opportunities to capitalize on the presence of the representational diversity both in our community and particularly with our teaching. The following resources from both UC Berkeley and from other institutions suggest a number of actions to take to make our classrooms as healthy and as safe an environment possible for all student learners. These resources also include a number of suggestions for engaging with particular diversity topics.

In any discipline or field, a key goal as well as challenge is supporting the learning of all students despite their many differences. Through programs, consultations, and resources, CRLT supports teachers in creating learning environments where students of all identities and backgrounds can flourish. This page features a range of online resources that define inclusive teaching and provide specific strategies for practicing it.

Every class, every group, has its own distinctive dynamics, determined by the individuals in it. How many of us have taught the same class to two different groups and had two entirely different experiences?