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Faculty College

Scott Sagan

Faculty College brings small faculty teams together over the course of the academic year to plan, study, and develop innovative curricular and pedagogical ideas. It provides these faculty teams with the space, time, and resources to work collaboratively on projects such as:

  • new team-taught courses

  • a major change to a department's curriculum

  • new cross-disciplinary teaching endeavors

The focused time spent in Faculty College leads to critical improvements in — and spotlights the importance of — undergraduate education at Stanford. The Faculty College program has been expanded and is now subsumed by the new VPTL Annual Grant Program.

Past Projects

2015-16 Faculty College Teams

  • American Religions in a Global Context: Kathryn Gin Lum, Ari Kelman, Shahzad Bashir, James Campbell, Tanya Luhrmann, Barbara Pitkin, Jane Shaw
  • East Asia in the World, Then and Now: Ronald Egan, John Kieschnick, Tom Mullaney, Jun Uchida
  • Medical Anthropology: Tanya Luhrmann, Angela Garcia, Lochlann Jain, Matthew Kohrman, James Lock, Daniel Mason
  • Reimagining Symbolic Systems 100: Thomas Icard, Dan Lassiter
  • Materials Science & Engineering: Renee Sher, Sarah Heilshorn, Nicholas Melosh
  • Mechanical Engineering: Solid Mechanics: Marc Levenston, Wei Cai, Ovijit Chaudhuri, Peter Pinsky, Beth Pruitt, Sheri Sheppard
  • Climate and Society: Marshall Burke, Sara Cina, Noah Diffenbaugh, David Lobell
  • Making Things Happen in the Real World: The Challenge of Implementation: Stephen Stedman, Francis Fukuyama, Stephen Luby, Grant Miller, Kathryn Stoner, Paul Wise

2014-15 Faculty College Teams

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  • Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Heather Hadlock, Jennifer DeVere Brody, Valerie Miner, Yvonne Yarbro-Beharano CoursesSyllabusSyllabusBibliography
  • International Security: Scott Sagan, Kenneth Schultz, Amy Zegart, Gil-li Vardi, Martha Crenshaw, Matthew Connelly Report
  • Digital Humanities Minor: Elaine Treharne, Mark Algee-Hewitt, Zephyr Frank
  • Digital HumanitiesTech Design: Amir Eshel, Ari Kelman, Vincent Barletta, Petra Dierkes-Thrun, Michael Widner
  • Genetic Variation, Race, Society: Noah Rosenberg, Aliya Saperstein Poster
  • Eco Evo: Dmitri Petrov, Rodolfo Dirzo, Giulio De Leo Poster
  • Hopkins Marine Station: Fiorenza Micheli, Chris Lowe, Jeremy Goldbogen, Mark Denny, Stephen Palumbi

2013-14 Faculty College Teams

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  • Racial Inequality:  Jennifer Eberhardt, Rick Banks
  • Rediagonalization of the Premedical Sequence in Chemistry:  Steve Boxer, Dan Stack, Noah Burns, Megan McClory - Poster
  • Minor in the Global Middle Ages:  Bissera Pentcheva, Kathryn Starkey, Elaine Treharne - PaperFlyer
  • Human Ecology:  Jamie Holland Jones, Rebecca Bird, Giulio DeLeo, Eric Lambin, Lisa Curran
  • Immigrant Youth Service Learning Course:  Amado Padilla, Lisa Medoff, Don Barr, Fernando Mendoza -Syllabus
  • The American West: Bruce Cain, David Freyberg, Gavin Jones, David Kennedy, Alex Nemerov - Syllabus
  • Creative Writing for Creative Expression WAY:  Kirstin Valdez Quade, Brittany Perham
  • Faculty Scholars: Ran Abramitzky, Mary Beth Mudgett, Jonathan Payne, Beth Pruitt, Tim Roughgarden, Lisa Surwillo - Poster


2012-13 Faculty College Teams

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  • At the Intersection of Science, Technology, and Society: Reinventing STS One at Stanford: Paula Findlen, Jeffrey Heer, John Willinsky - Poster
  • Cultures of Knowledge: Paula Findlen, Thomas Mullaney, Reviel Netz, Robert Proctor, Jessica Riskin - Poster
  • Department of English: Michele Elam, Blair Hoxby, Gavin Jones, Judith Richardson, Blakey Vermeule
  • Food Systems: Christopher Gardner, Debra Dunn, Jay Mitchell, Patrick Archie, Matthew Rothe - Report
  • Human Trafficking and Human Rights: Historical, Legal, and Medical Issues: Katherine Jolluck, Helen Stacy, Rebecca Walker, Suzanne Lippert - Poster
  • I-Earth: Russell Berman, Alexandria Boehm, Elizabeth Hadly, James Holland Jones, Rosemary Knight -Poster
  • Paradigm Shift: Mark Applebaum, Rob Reich


2011-12 Faculty College Teams

  • Ethics of War: Professors Scott Sagan, Debra Satz, Allen Weiner, Paul Wise, and Dr. Joseph Felton
  • Division of Literatures, Cultures and Languages, new core sequence: Professors Dominic Brookshaw, Adrian Daub, Monika Greenleaf, Sepp Gumbrecht, Hector Hoyos, and Laura Wittman
  • Electrical Engineering, new energy and environment track: Professors Bert Hesselink, John Pauly, Olav Solgaard, and Howard Zebker
  • Social Animals, Social Revolutions, and Social Networks: Professors Dan Edelstein, Deborah Gordon, and Eric Roberts
  • Integrating Design into Bioengineering Major: Professors David Camarillo, Drew Endy, Christina Smolke, and Paul Yock
  • Integrated Learning Environments in the Arts: Professors Jonathan Berger, Janice Ross, and Bryan Wolf