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SCPD makes it easy for you to produce programs designed for working professionals worldwide. A pioneer in distance education, we can work with you to tailor your research and teaching into a course or series of courses. These courses can be delivered online or in-person, and students can earn a professional certificate upon completion. Share your research, teaching and knowledge with learners throughout the world and gain valuable insight into industry trends through your interaction with working professionals.

Stanford Center for Professional Development

We can help you identify coursework and materials you have already developed that might fit into a program for working professionals. Or perhaps you have an idea for coursework that addresses an emerging trend in industry. Conversely, you might be interested in teaching in one of our existing programs. Either way, professional education programs allow you to connect with working professionals throughout the world and enjoy financial benefits for you and your department.


Idea to Market Student Testimonial - Maxeem Ratio

Maxeem Ratio, computer science student at Stanford, talks about his experience with the Idea to Market program content.

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Work with a global audience of learners, helping them expand their knowledge and increase their skills and marketability.

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Contact us to find out if your topic is right for a professional education offering or whether you can get involved in any of our existing offerings.



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