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Imagine presenting your teaching and research to millions of learners worldwide. We can help you connect your existing courses and lectures to a global audience as well as create new content through on-demand webinars, podcasts, seminars and lectures. Share your knowledge with the world through free and open access.

Video shoot for a class

SCPD collaborates with a variety of providers and digital platforms including Coursera and edX to maximize faculty reach. Find out how to take part in Stanford’s extended education activities and connect to learners worldwide.


Cryptography with Professor Dan Boneh

This course, ranked by the Online Course Report in March 2016 as the 11th most popular MOOC  of all time, has reached more than 650,000 participants around the world.

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Nvidia Auditorium

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Our specially-equipped classrooms and technology, including studios and self-recording booths, are available for reservation.

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Our team is here to assist in you in creating compelling online and digital content. Find out if your topic fits into our broader portfolio of offerings.