Design a Hybrid Master's Degree

Online learning offers departments the potential to provide more options for Stanford graduate students. Reimagine your master’s degree program to include coursework students can take online prior to or following their residential campus experience. SCPD can assist you in designing a hybrid master’s degree to benefit both your students and your department.

Design a Hybrid Master's Degree Program

Hybrid master’s degree programs offer flexibility and increased accessibility to students as well as to the university. Master’s degrees can be designed so that graduate students take 100% of their coursework for one or more quarters online, while living or working remotely. Online courses may be introductory to help students prepare for their on-campus experience, or advanced, to be taken following the residential on-campus quarters and in parallel to an internship or work activity. Hybrid degrees provide departments with the opportunity to increase enrollment while alleviating university housing constraints.  


Transforming Civil and Environmental Engineering Courses

Glen Katz shares his experience creating three online-only classes for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering's hybrid MS degree

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Blended Programs Expand Stanford Outreach

Hybrid degrees serve both on-campus and distant students and expand Stanford’s teaching and research throughout the world.

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