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Course Design

VPTL Course Design Institute

VPTL supports instruction through collaborative curriculum and course design. Our interdisciplinary team has broad experience bringing pedagogical principles into classrooms, blended classes, and fully online courses.

Areas of emphasis include:

  • Goal-based design. Articulate specific learning goals and use them to design course strategies and activities.
  • Engagement. Use effective and varied practices, such as active learning and social learning, to involve students in creating their own effective learning experiences.
  • Inclusion. Collaborate to create and sustain an environment in which students from a variety of identities, backgrounds, and previous learning opportunities can thrive.
  • Reflection. Productively assess student learning and evaluate courses for further improvement.

We also offer an online course Blended & Online Learning Design, which illustrates many of these concepts. The course is hosted on Stanford’s online learning platform, Lagunita, and you don’t have to register to be able to view the course material.