Leadership Team

  • Michael Keller

    The Office of the Vice Provost for Technology and Learning

    Michael Keller
    Vice Provost for Technology & Learning
    408 Panama Mall
  • Carissa Little

    Communications, Finance, and Operations

    Carissa Little
    Chief of Staff & Associate Vice Provost
    408 Panama Mall
  • Paul Marca

    Stanford Center for Professional Development

    Paul Marca
    Associate Vice Provost
    408 Panama Mall
  • Charles Prober

    Stanford Center for Health Education

    Charles Prober
    Senior Associate Vice Provost
    408 Panama Mall
  • Richard Webber

    Learning Technologies and Spaces

    Richard Webber
    Associate Vice Provost & Chief Technology Officer
    408 Panama Mall

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VTPL Faculty Advisory Board

  • Tom Kenny

    Mechanical Engineering Department, School of Engineering

    Tom Kenny
    Richard W. Weiland Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs in the School of Engineering

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