Extending world-class research and teaching to a global community.

SCPD supports schools, departments, and faculty in the development and delivery of Stanford educational offerings to learners in over 190 countries around the world. Schools and faculty can take advantage of resources to assist in the creation of quality online and face-to-face learning experiences that hybrid master’s degrees, online credit-bearing courses, non-credit executive and professional education programs, and free or low-cost courses.

Successful programs serve faculty and departments by creating valuable research and teaching connections between faculty and industry worldwide, supporting learners who seek to remain educated during their career, and providing financial support to participating faculty and departments.

SCPD manages state-of-the-art facilities, media studios and classrooms, technology tools, and an infrastructure supporting Stanford’s lifelong learning catalog of offerings at http://online.stanford.edu. Together we can expand Stanford’s evolving physical and virtual campus and facilitate connections with a global audience of learners.

Stanford Credentials Framework

Stanford credentials pyramid