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The IdeaLab will feature exhibitors that showcase practices, projects, and technologies that are improving teaching and learning at the participating institutions. Unlike traditional poster sessions, the IdeaLab will encourage exhibitors and participants to actively engage with each other through play, experimentation, and collaboration. Exhibitors will focus their presentations around the central teaching and learning challenge they addressed, and how their solution might be adopted by other participants. Each exhibit will be required to have materials available on site or online so that participants can begin to use that resource.

2017 Exhibits

Presenters: Andrew Estrada Phuong, Judy Nguyen, Gloria Choi, Shahana S. Farooqi, Claire S. Bang, Danielle Hoague, Diana Heath, Negeen Khandel, Ashley Lopez, Bernadette Blashill, Angela Gao
Presenters: Josh Weiss, Shawn Kim
Presenters: Resa Kelly, Yingjie Liu
Presenters: Debra Caires, Isadora McCullough, Andrea Ulloa
Presenters: Marie Bertola, Irene Bubula-Phillips, Evelyn Ferraro
Presenters: Justin Willow, Shawn Dunbar, Jon Jamieson
Presenters: Felicia Martinez, Jase Teoh, Carmel Crane, Nicholas Mattos
Presenters: Rae Peralta, Nick Mattos, Carmel Crane
Presenters: Marilyn Easter, Prabha Chandrasekar, Bobbi Makani
Presenters: Karin Jeffery, Ph.D., Emily Wughalter, Ed.D., Bethany Winslow
Presenters: Andrew Baek, William Bottini, Deila Bumgardner, Huy Tran, Lauren Watley, Kim Walker
Presenters: Theresa Conefrey, Jackie Hendricks
Presenters: Andrew Baek, William Bottini, Deila Bumgardner
Presenters: Kenneth J. Waldron, Thomas Trzpit, Manjula Waldron
Presenters: Margaret M. Hansen, Kamhung (Victor) Lam
Presenters: Kim Hayworth, Paige Coleman
Presenters: Pauline Becker, Britt Carr, Erfan Mojaddam, Mark Trenchard, Kim Walker
Presenters: Megan O'Connor, Greg Gadwood, Christian Burke, Julia VanderMeer
Presenters: Matthew Joe, Marineh Lalikian, Audrey Witters, Jennifer Gardner, Megan Pearse, Dina Venezky, Azjah Robertson, Davina Drabkin, Justina Kayastha, John Thomson, Justin Willow, Shawn Dunbar, Lis Harris
Presenters: Jenae Cohn, , Raechel Lee, Tiffany Lieuw
Presenters: Ishita Shah, Elaine Smith