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Innovation Grant Program

Stanford Building

The call for proposals for the 2018 Innovation Grant Program is now closed.

Recipients will be announced late March. 

The Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL) aims to serve Stanford University in three complementary ways:

  • Create discourse and inquiry toward the future of higher education by supporting activities that share Stanford’s research knowledge and specialized expertise broadly through new models of learning and engagement;
  • Innovate and improve teaching and learning at Stanford through the use of new or proven pedagogical approaches and tools to help make teaching vibrant and informative for instructors and supportive of student success;
  • Broaden impact through new models of global engagement by reaching professional learners, lifelong learners, underserved populations, or massive worldwide audiences, consistent with Stanford’s mission and values.

VPTL offers grants to Stanford faculty and instructional teams in service to these goals. Applicants are encouraged to think broadly and creatively about projects that reimagine and explore what is possible in teaching and learning at Stanford and beyond.