Letter from the Vice Provost

Mike and Sarah

I am honored to continue as vice provost for teaching and learning, and to be joined by Professor Sarah Church, senior associate vice provost.

A review committee appointed by Provost Drell recommended the following six key teaching and learning goals to serve as the basis for VPTL’s mission to support campus-based learning and extended education:

  • Ensure the quality of educational experiences for all of our students by vigorously supporting the development and widespread use of teaching expertise and learner-centered approaches in teaching.
  • Support the integration of evidence-based practices in teaching. Support rigorous and thoughtful ongoing assessment and feedback to improve learning outcomes.
  • Support the academic success of diverse learners.
  • Develop and inspire the next generation of educators (our current graduate students and postdocs) to be excellent teachers, communicators, and leaders.
  • Be responsible for the development and optimal use of learning spaces and technologies to enhance education for all on-campus students.
  • Provide platforms, infrastructure, policies, and oversight to support the vision of Stanford to engage remote learners, including alumni and professionals.

In light of these goals, VPTL will be one of many contributors to the LRP education initiative, “Learning for the Future and Expanding Reach.” To provide more streamlined support services, we have reorganized VPTL into five units with the following objectives:

Center for Teaching and Learning 
Supporting evidence-based and inclusive learning and teaching practices, educational programs and training, community building, and strong collaborations and partnerships with schools, departments, and other offices. 

Stanford Center for Professional Development
Extending faculty research and teaching to a global community via academic and professional education, serving Stanford University by furthering research, supporting departments, and creating connections between faculty and industry.

Learning Technologies & Spaces 
Supporting faculty, instructors, staff, and students by enabling a shared infrastructure for Stanford learning environments.

Stanford Center for Health Education
Increasing the global availability of well-trained healthcare professionals, create a more informed public, and improve health outcomes in some of the world’s most vulnerable populations by improving on conventional approaches to professional healthcare education.

Communications, Finance, & Operations
Providing the communications and operations infrastructure to enable and support VPTL in the delivery of services to its constituents in efficient and effective ways.

In addition to these units, we have established an ongoing Faculty Advisory Board that will provide input to me, to Sarah and to the organization’s leadership team. Over the course of the next several months, I look forward to connecting with many of you and please feel free to reach out to staff at any time.


Michael A. Keller
Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning