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About Us

VPTL Lytics Lab

The Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL) is transforming learning together with faculty and students, and schools and departments.


VPTL’s mission is to help Stanford invent the future research university through teaching and learning innovation for undergraduate, graduate, professional, and lifelong learning.

Guiding Questions

VPTL was created in 2015 to serve the university as an integrated unit with a broad scope. These questions guide our work: How can we help Stanford...

  • ADVANCE PEDAGOGY AND LEARNING? How might we increase the effectiveness of teaching and co-creation of knowledge by collaborating to help make teaching vibrant and informative for both instructors and students?
  • EQUIP TOMORROW’S STUDENTS? How might we best use student perspectives and learning behavior data to prepare current and future students with the tools and knowledge they need for a lifetime of learning?
  • DISSEMINATE KNOWLEDGE TO THE WORLD? How can we be a generous provider of educational opportunity and facilitate efforts to share Stanford’s research knowledge and specialized expertise broadly, through new models of learning and engagement?

Our Priorities


VPTL Long Range Planning and Focus

Stanford's Long-range Planning (LRP) Process

As part of VPTL’s mission to help Stanford build its future through the collaborative transformation of learning, we developed a set of proposals to the university. These proposals are based on a series of conversations with VPTL’s External Advisory Board (including members of Stanford's Board of Trustees), VPTL’s Internal Faculty Advisory Board (10 faculty, 2 students); and a workshop exercise designed to provide input for VPTL LRP priorities engaging 60+ faculty, lecturers and ASG members.


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Advancing Learning, an Opportunity and an Obligation:
Report on 2017 and a Roadmap for the Future


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