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About Us

VPTL Lytics Lab

The Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL) supports campus-based learning and extended education.


To support Stanford faculty and instructors, schools, and departments in advancing Stanford educational experiences for undergraduate, graduate, professional, and lifelong learners.

Teaching and Learning Goals for VPTL

  • Ensure the quality of educational experiences for all of our students by vigorously supporting the development and widespread use of teaching expertise and learner-centered approaches in teaching.
  • Support the integration of evidence-based practices in teaching. Support rigorous and thoughtful ongoing assessment and feedback to improve learning outcomes.
  • Support the academic success of diverse learners.
  • Develop and inspire the next generation of educators (our current graduate students and postdocs) to be excellent teachers, communicators, and leaders.
  • Be responsible for the development and optimal use of learning spaces and technologies to enhance education for all on-campus students.
  • Provide platforms, infrastructure, policies, and oversight to support the vision of Stanford to engage remote learners, including alumni and professionals.

VPTL's Unit Objectives

Center for Teaching and Learning
To support evidence-based and inclusive learning and teaching practices, educational programs and training, community building, and strong collaborations and partnerships with schools, departments, and other offices. 

Stanford Center for Professional Development
To extend faculty research and teaching to a global community via academic and professional education, serving Stanford University by furthering research, supporting departments, and creating connections between faculty and industry.

Learning Technologies & Spaces 
To support faculty, instructors, staff, and students by enabling a shared infrastructure for Stanford learning environments.

Communications, Finance, & Operations
To provide the communications and operations infrastructure to enable and support VPTL in the delivery of services to its constituents in efficient and effective ways.

VPTL Submissions to Stanford's Long-range Planning (LRP) Process

As part of VPTL’s mission, we developed a set of proposals to the university. These proposals are based on a series of conversations with an external advisory board (including members of Stanford's Board of Trustees), a faculty advisory board, and a workshop exercise designed to provide input to VPTL that engaged more than 60 faculty members, lecturers, and LRP Area Steering Group members.

Read Our LRP Submissions

Advancing Learning, an Opportunity and an Obligation: Report on 2017 and a Roadmap for the Future

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