Panopto FAQs - For Students

Getting started

I am a student enrolled in a SCPD course.  How do I access my lectures?

If you are enrolled in a course that is captured by SCPD log into, find your course and click on the Course Videos tab on the main left navigation.  You should be able to see your entire video library from this tab. If you’re having any issues accessing your content please contact

I am an on-campus student, how do I login to view my course lectures?

Stanford students attending graduate classes on-campus should visit  Valid SUNet ID required.

Assignment Folders

What is an assignment folder?

An Assignment Folder is created by an instructor, Course Admin or Teaching Assistant.  This folder will allow students to submit assignments via video. By default students cannot see other student’s video submissions unless the teaching team decides to enable the sharing feature.  For more information on assignment folders please contact

My assignment folder is no longer accessible.

Assignment folder access is controlled by the teaching team.  Please reach out to your teaching team for more information.


What are my options after I submit the quiz?

This will vary per quiz and or vary depending on how the Teaching Team has chosen to set-up the quiz after you have submitted.  The teaching team can have the option for you to retake, review or continue watching the video. Please contact your teaching team for questions on this setup.  

How do you know there’s a quiz in the video? 

When launching your video, you will see the Quiz in the Contents along with at which point in the video the quiz will appear.  You can click on the quiz from the Contents and it will take you directly to that point in the video.

When selecting Review the quiz will that provide me with the option to view the answer or provide me with an explanation of the answer?

This will vary / depend on if the Teaching Team decides to add it. The image below is an example of a Review of a quiz with an explanation.