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Academic Skills

The Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL) provides Stanford students one-on-one academic coaching and resources throughout your time on campus. Working hard in high school doesn’t always prepare you for the pace, volume, and complexity of a Stanford education. Use these resources to address time management, procrastination, reading comprehension and retention, and other skill sets to help you become a more sophisticated and effective learner.

Find out More about Academic Skills

Make an Appointment with an Academic Coach

Meet with an academic skills coach who will observe your strategies and techniques, suggest changes to your approach, and provide encouragement as you implement new ways of learning.

The Duck Stops Here

Duckstop Duck

This blog is a collection of articles by Stanford students on how they have developed specific skills and strategies to succeed and deal with setbacks. Read this blog to learn more about developing specific skills and strategies.




Academic Skills Inventory

Use this inventory to identify skills you're using effectively and get ideas on new approaches to try.

Study Tips Resources

These downloadable handouts provide tips on time management, note-taking, reading, as well as test preparation and taking. Print these handouts and templates to enhance and guide your learning.

The Resilience Project


The Resilience Project uses personal narratives, programming, and coaching to motivate and support students as they experience the normal academic setbacks that are part of a rigorous education. It's not about how epic your failure is, it's about what you learn from it.



Request a Learning Skills Workshop

Coaches are available, by request, to discuss a particular academic skills topic for your dorm or student group. Let us know if you would like someone to speak with your dorm or student group on a particular academic skills topic.