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Our Mission

Lytics Lab Barnum

The Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL) promotes and advances the vibrant, intellectual endeavor of teaching and learning at Stanford — and beyond.

In fulfilling our mission to promote teaching and learning innovation at Stanford, VPTL unites academic, technical, administrative and subject matter experts under a single organizational umbrella to work together to design and implement a wide range of impactful programs and initiatives, in collaboration with Stanford’s schools, research centers, labs, administrative units and institutes.

We provide pedagogy support, advance new course and curriculum design efforts, offer enhanced physical and virtual learning spaces, enable research-driven advances in student learning, promote resilience and success in the academic lives of undergraduate and graduate students, and extend the impact of Stanford teaching through digital platforms.

As we engage with faculty in rethinking the possibilities for university-level teaching, we are helping imagine and experiment with new ways to engage both our own matriculated students and millions of lifelong learners across the globe.